Balea has finally released it's own micellar water 3 in 1. Cleanser, makeup remover and toner all in one. Without alcohol and perfume-free. You can use it on the face, eye area and lips. For dry and sensitive skin. 400 ml that cost ca 3.45€.
Probably the most affordable micellar water. The packaging looks a lot like the micellar cleansing water from Garnier, and everyone compares these two. I have used the Garnier so far but I was curious about this new one. They have the same size and cost pretty much the same. I have used it for a week and removed my makeup with both micellar waters. To tell you the truth. It doesn't make a difference. They both remove the makeup easily. I have heard people complain about the micellar water from Balea. They claim that it actually contains alcohol (well it smells a bit like alcohol) and that they have experienced a burning and stinging sensation in their eyes. Guess you should try it on your own. Everyone is different. I can't complain about it but my skin isn't sensitive.

After using the Balea micellar water for months I have switched back to the Garnier one. I had no problems with the one from Balea but I prefer Garnier although it's a bit pricier. It's way more gentle.

Nachdem fast jede Marke ein Mizellenwässerchen auf den Markt gebracht hat, ist es endlich auch beim dm-Markt soweit. Das neue Balea Mizellen-Reinigungswasser für trockene und sensible Haut.

Das sagt Balea:
"Das Balea Mizellen-Reinigungswasser für trockene und sensible Haut vereint drei Produkte in nur einem Schritt: Reinigung, Make-up Entferner und Gesichtswasser!
- Die Formulierung mit Mizellen entfernt schonend Make-up und überschüssigen Talg.
- Klärt, pflegt und bewahrt die Haut vor dem Austrocknen.
- Mit Glyzerin und Orangenblütenwasser.
- Ohne Alkohol. Parfümfrei."
Die Verpackung erinnert doch sehr stark an das Mizellenwasser von Garnier. Beide Wässerchen enthalten jeweils 400 ml und schenken sich preislich auch fast nichts. Das von Garnier kostet ca. 3.95€ und das von Balea ca. 3.45€.
Auf der Verpackung steht Parfümfrei, aber das Wasser enthält Orangenblütenwasser. Ich finde das kann man auch riechen. Ich bevorzuge geruchsneutrale Abschminkprodukte und weiß nicht wozu das Orangenblütenwasser gut sein soll. Zudem enthält es angeblich keinen Alkohol. Es riecht trotzdem etwas danach. Wenn man genau auf die Verpackung schaut, entdeckt man das Sternchen hinter Alkohol. Dann steht da: Ohne Ethanol. Ethanol ist vergällter Alkohol. Das macht man um Alkohol ungenießbar zu machen. Sprich man zahlt weniger Steuern darauf. Jetzt stelle ich mir natürlich die Frage aller Fragen. Ist es wirklich ohne Alkohol oder ohne Ethanol???
Mit meinen Makeup wird das Produkt aber ohne Probleme fertig. Es reinigt schonend und gründlich. Selbst Wimpertusche und Kajalstift. Es brennt nicht in den Augen und auch sonst nicht. Allerdings ist meine Haut auch relativ unempfindlich. Ob jetzt Garnier oder Balea, ist Geschmackssache.
Fazit: Das Balea erfernt das Makeup schneller, das von Garnier empfinde ich als sanfter.
Nachtrag 26.02.2016: Nachdem ich das Balea Mizellenwasser über Monate benutzt habe, bin ich wieder zu dem von Garnier umgestiegen. Auch wenn es jetzt preislich etwas teuerer ist. Ich hatte zwar keinerlei Probleme mit dem Balea Produkt, aber irgendwie gefällt mir das von Garnier besser. Es ist einfach schonender zur Haut.

Mira Devils


  1. Thanks for the review Mira. I`ll give it a try! :)

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  3. Yes everyone and every skin is different. Sounds like a great product. Great review darling.

  4. Amazing post and thank you so much for all your support!!


  5. Have not tried this, but it's true everyone's skin is different even if two people both have sensitive skin. Ich habe empfindliche Haut, aber ich kann habe Produkte, dass mein Freund nicht verwenden können. Toller Post. / Happy Monday. Madison xx
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  6. Hi my lovely darling Mira. I just dropped by your other blog and coming here to check on your new post:). This sounds very good to have also toner, which I normally don't use toner as I kept bought them but not spend a second to apply:). Time is always running out for a busy mom like me:). It is interested me enough already to grab one and I will though if my store carry similar to this. I should have came here first so then I could save my written on here hahaha. You may have to go get my other commented on your other blog in your junk hahaha. It's telling me that I'm a stranger haha. Have a happy day sweetheart. Miss you and love you tons. Kissnhugs.


    1. Hi my lovely darling Tanya. Thanks for dropping by. I love my other blog too but this is my "baby" :D I wish that I could post some new outfit posts here too but I don't have a photographer yet :D Well I don't use toner as well cos I'm too lazy for that. You never tried micellar water before, really? Grab one similar and try it! At least one time. It removes eyemake, lipstick and foundation in one step. Haha yes you could have saved it here. So our blog thinks your a stranger. Oh boy I don't know why that happens. We have some trigger words to get rid of the spam but you don't use them. Strange :D Have a happy Thursday sweetheart. My fingers are hurting from all the typing. Miss you and love you tons. Hugs and kissses <3

  7. I've never tried cleansing or micellar water before. I've always been really apprehensive about it. And I don't know why. I do have sensitive skin though...


  8. I never tried this but i heard great things about this
    Thank you for sharing

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  9. Wherever writes on it balea it is so good and smels good :D

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  11. Hi, dear Mira! I have just got to know aboyt this blog and although I am slow this week, I mean, slowly coming back from the trip, that made me exhausted, I had to write a few lines and I must say, I loooooved your blog! I am very happy for you! I never had a micellaire water till last week, when a friend lent me hers. It was good, and now I want one! This Balea one seems to be very good, but I know it's sold in Germany, so one more reason to visit it soon :) Well, don't know when, just thinking! Hope you are fine, dear Mira! Viele liebe Gruesse!

    1. Thanks so much Denise. So glad you found my other blog. Try the micellar water from Garnier. It's great as well :)

  12. I don¡t know if this brand is here, but the next step for me is using micelar water soon

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  13. I had no idea about this product until now! Maybe I live in a cave, it seems like so many people know about balea lol.

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  14. Thank you for this post and for sharing your opinion!

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  15. I love this kind of post because I always discover differents brands , kisses darling :D
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  17. Lovely post and great items.

  18. Sounds like a great product. Love 3 in 1 beauty stuff. Thanks for sharing, Mira!


  19. Would love to give this a try =) Thank you for sharing! =)
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